Wildlife and Water

Here we go again. This month’s theme for the competition is wildlife and water. Whereto from here? What do I think about how the living world engages with water? What exactly constitutes a good representation of Wildlife and Water?

Is it a bird flying over the ocean?

Or a battle for territory on the rocks beside it?

Would an Eagle fishing over a fresh water lake do the trick?

Or would it be better to put the bird with its prey solidly (?) fluidly in the water?

Could the subject be small and the water distant? Why is a tortoise making tracks by the sea anyway?

Does a sunbaked hippo show its need for a muddy bath? Especially because there is no water there?

Should feathers touch?

Or show their immaculate colours after a bath?

Should the water be big and the wild subdued to a small tame spot?

Or would a smudged blue background be water enough?

Do creatures from the deep surface into our world with cold gold eyes and no colour to the water at all?

Is a bluebottle still wild if its life is not sustained by the shallow layer of water it is in?

Is the quiet of a crocodile with a dragonfly on its brow visible to all?

Shape shifter

whether in a splash, a cloud or a flake of snow – water and exuberance create magic through flow