I am a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice along the West Coast of South Africa. I work from 18 Versfeld Str in Yzerfontein. I have been in Private Practice as a psychologist since June 1994. I also have a prior history of lecturing, and have Masters degrees in both English Literature and Clinical Psychology. Creativity inspires and intrigues me. This site is coloured in with my photographs. Finding beauty through photography is a counterbalance that anchors me against some of the suffering I have come across in this intense and unpredictable human existence. This counterbalance is what I choose to share with everyone. I want my pictures to be seen. They are about my joy in discovering a world filled with variety, light, and colour.

Contact details:

Cell: +27 82 855 4874

Email: hdek@iafrica.com

Private Practice: 18 Versfeld Str, Yzerfontein, 7351

Yzerfontein main beach at sunset

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