Every litter has a runt


Every litter has the tiny one, and sometimes these are the ones who make up in character what they were not given in ability. Now nine weeks old Jessie is still not able to climb the stairs, but she is a loud and rambunctious presence in the house. In her world, things matter. She may not be the bravest or the biggest, but she sure is the strongest.


All vets beware.  Do not be fooled by the petite beauty spot on Jessie’s nose.  Each foot has its own set of lethal weapons. 


Being the dark sister comes naturally.


Thou shalt submit.


“So who is that gorgeous kitten in the window?”


Jokes aside, Jessie is fully on her way to becoming a loving companion to all who live with her. She is a very fine young woman, and even has a tiny beauty spot on her toe to match the one on her nose.

Portraits of Peaches


“Peaches” is a dilute tricoloured calico kitten who loves to sleep upside down.  She and her sister arrived on a lucky Friday the 13th and according to legend her colouring is about to bring great fortune to our household.


Peaches pays attention to small details.


She was the first kitten to climb the full staircase.


She is brave but gentle and trouble makes her worried.


Best of all, Peaches loves playtime.

The intrepid explorer

She is an intrepid explorer and we are looking forward to sharing her bright future.