Karoo National Park

Earning your stripes

Leave your mother alone!
Come here! Let me wash your ears.
Little fluff.
Take your clicky thing elsewhere and let her sleep! She’s my baby!
Zebra crossing
See how the light changes us. It is a thing of beauty that we can stand out in the open veld or under the shade of a tree and the light still makes the best of us!

Burchell’s Zebra above wear their insignia differently from the Cape Mountain Zebra shown below.

The Cape Mountain Zebra wears his stripes differently, so whê.

Always time for rainbows


We are heading towards the 21 June solstice point still waiting for rain.  I find myself longing for rainbows. I want to experiment with getting a rainbow in sharp focus. HaHa. Not likely. They are ethereal things, made up of refracted light and the camera lens sees right through them and hardly takes note. This rainbow I found over the Karoo landscape some years ago shows just what I mean. It fades from colour to colour and in a split second of cloud movement it disappears. But I did have the time to catch it then and, now in this unseasonably dry time, I treasure it like a pot of gold.