Mirror, mirror on the wall – Who is the prettiest of them all?

Species differ, but life itself runs the same developmental progression of youthfulness through to ageing and death within all. Cuteness always favours the young and there seems to be inter-species awareness of this beauty. This provides part of the pulling power to elicit the care from elders that enables life to be resilient.

How freeing would it be for humans to honour, value and find gratitude in all of life’s intricate aspects, rather than to minimise our reverence to the human form?

Home patch


I find it very satisfying photographing the birds living on my home patch at Yzerfontein. Yesterday this Grey-winged Francolin just happened to be out and about and ready to act as model of the day. Usually a very shy and elusive bird I have tried for many years to get close to this beautiful bird. My partner took one glance at my much prized photograph and said it would make a good puzzle. Looking at the feather detail I can’t help but agree.