Cloud build-up over the Highveld

suikerbosrand17042005 001

I am never entirely sure which of my photographs will stand the test of time: the ones that I am always pleased to see again, no matter how often they have passed in front of my eyes via the screensaver on my laptop. This particular shot was taken 11 years ago at Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve in Gauteng, and at the time I thought little of the fact that I experienced it as pleasing.  Now it puzzles me that I have grown to love it. I wonder what it is about this relatively simple composition that I find so enticing. Is it idiosyncratic, or would others find joy in it too? I often have huge skies in my photographs, because of an internal need for expansion, and this shot leaves me with a sense that I can stand next to that dark little bush on the edge and that the world will fall away and I will be able to see forever. 

One comment

  1. I think those words ‘see forever’ are the clue.

    I remember writing the same words after I moved 16 months ago. My new inner city apartment has an uninterrupted 190degree view of the sky and I see dawn and dusk without powerlines, signs or buildings and when housebound can spend the whole day watching the clouds and weather rolling across the sky.


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